Ablative Laser Skin Resurfacing

RF-Excited Co2 Fractional Laser

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  • CO2 Fractional Laser System   Co2-2B

    The theory of focal photothermy raised in recent years makes a great contribution to the advancement of photorejuvenation technique. It is based on the focal
    photothermy theory that CO2 laser gets another name as fractional laser or pixel
    laser. Compared with traditional CO2 laser, the pixel emission mode as a new
    technique is applied to fractional CO2 laser instead of the old one so that tinier
    laser beams will act on the skin leaving thousands of microthermal zones on the
    targeted area through a scanner and lens matrix control. Unlike ablative skin
    resurfacing or nonablative skin resurfacing treatment with weaknesses of adverse
    reaction and inefficacy, the establishment and further clinical applications of
    fractional CO2 provide a new skin rejuvenation method with high efficiency and

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    The CO2 fractional laser heats and vaporizes the skin tissue when it contacts with the epidermis,instantly removing the superficial layer of the skin,scar and wrinkles while smoothing out the skin surface.Unlike Light Cube,ablative CO2 fractional laser treatment needs downtime for
    makeup but brings more instant results.

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